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This is usually the time when people write how great their year was and how they are all looking for another one; even though it had been a rough year. And it was for all of us Filipinos I guess, after Ondoy, Maguindanao Massacre, numerous deaths of local and foreign celebrities and political figures, unsolved publicized crimes and more. And here we are, of course, thankful that we are still standing, even though badly beaten; we still managed to show that they weren’t smart enough, tough enough, and good enough to take us down.

To the people who know me personally, thank you for being part of my life. Le’z cicc more azzez. IT’S BLUE MOON TONIGHT! STAY SAFE! 🙂


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Masen: Asan na ba kayo (sa geom)? hahahaha
Angel: Uh.. shit. Nakalimutan ko na. grabeee!
Angel: san na nga ba kami?!! T_T
Masen: And that people is how you fail geometry.
Angel: F you!

Well this was my blog last year, ranting how pissed I am with school during the vacation…

you had a very long (christmas) vacation, don’t tell me na hindi kayo prepared”

nakakainis lang ‘di ba. di ba nila alam what the hell vacation is. badtreep. ang simple simple. namamahinga ang estudyante. tapos e-expect nilang gumagawa ng schoolworks during these days. ang point ko e, sila ba hindi namamahinga, puro ‘yon nalang ba iniintindi nila. tae. bakit namin mamadaliin ang sarili namen e 2 weeks lang ang vacation namin at ilang buwan kami nag-aaral. aarg.

sabihin na nating hindi maaalis ‘yan. pero the hell, konting consideration. ‘yong simpleng…

“alam ko nag-aadjust pa kayo…”

pwede na eh. konting intindi lang. konti lang.

This year’s…

Just a random post. Hope YOU professors are having the same holidays as ours. Damn it! 😐
Umulan sana ng pink na tubig sa mga lakad n’yo!

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