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It’s been a year since the “Takipsilm” hoax, and now this is what they have for us, PINOY GLEE. Goddamn it people, you are too creative. (Sarcasm) Well of course it’s nothing but another hoax… but still, WTH?!

Rumor has it, GMA 7 began filming late November for Left 4 Dead Horror-serye. *Facepalm


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I was busy in school lately; exams came up. And I still have no idea what to put it in here. So for the sake of posting something and relieving myself of the anxiety of scarcity of thought, here are some videos.

I’m a Yankee fan but this is soo great. They do this every eight inning against Yankees in Fenway. Pretty much like Boston’s version of Yankee’s roll call.

I really want to commend how great Puck was in this cover, but I don’t know, words fail to describe it. Ugh. Compa just drained my brain I’m sorry. I promise to post something worth reading as soon as I relieve my self of the pressure school is giving me.

~Pressure, pushing down on me, pressing down on you. ~

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