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Like all famous confessions, this one will also come in parts.

Part 1: The when.

About a year ago, I decided to start blogging. It was a brain-draining process of coming up with fresh ideas I which I think people can relate to; thus giving me enough views I want. My blogging life somehow revolved around that specific idea. Late October last year, my depression has brought me to write something more personal and heartfelt. It felt good but didn’t quite clicked; so I stopped. Then when I was back to my ‘sober’ state, I went back to blogging what I think are the possible top google searches will be. Hence, the Bieber jokes, Villar asshole-ness and the now famous, jejemon. Ah. The jejemon phenomenon. I, probably, am one of the first people who blogged about this jejemon fever or whatever they call it now. I first coined them as “Jeje People”, showed a little respect and a liter of disgust. Now that little respect is continuously draining. But this is article is not about them. Yes, it probably is a wonderful way to become ‘famous’ in the blogging world or whatever people call this back alley of literature. The problem I have with this blogging-what-the-internet-wants is I somehow lose myself in the process. Hence, my absence. I tried to find what I can do with so little talent that I have. How I can remotely relate to people without losing my own personal brand of heroine. LOLJK. I think everyone will agree that there are number of grammatical error in this post alone, but fuck it. No one follows these rules really, except the Nazis.


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