I have too much things to do lately. This week is hell week number 3 and I got two more to go, finals included. I am supposed to be reading 51 pages of scientific shiz which I probably wouldn’t understand even if I had read the entire thing. It, too, would be irrelevant, unimportant at the least, during the finals. I remember couple of months back, say 12, I chose Physical effin’ Therapy. Nobody told me we’ll be having Hagfishes as patients. Oh no, that’s not all, apparently, we’d be having amniotes, anurans, crocodilians and cows as regulars too. That’s probably why they didn’t specify Physical Therapy, Major in Treating Human Patients.

Hagfish. Not cool.

It’s kind of difficult to set your mind to your goal when you know you are taking a detour. It would probably help me/us in the long run, but of course, it’s too vague for now. I’m not doing that terrible anymore in inhumanely dissecting animals. Muscular, digestive, respiratory and urogenital systems of the cat weren’t that hard. I (kind of) regret not really studying during Zoology last semester. If I did, hello DL, probably. But it’s too late for that now, today is tomorrow’s regrets and yesterday’s hope. I can’t wait for summer! I mean seriously, summer break should start next week. But no! Not for two more weeks!! Ugh. It is hell month and a quarter.

Stupidity comes in mysterious ways. This specific stupidity came in a heart-pounding, grade-threatening, funny-yet-shameful way.

Break before Logic class, inside the cafeteria, reviewing for (logic) test we barely studied for.

Me: Ang aga pa pala. 12:40 pa lang.
Lyssa: Ano?
Me: 2:40 pala. Hahaha.
Lyssa: Anong oras ba class natin? 2:30 di ba?
Garci, Lyssa, Shaw, Me: *Panics*

Barely made it in time. Whew! All four of us passed!!

I guess we have luck….

*Takes off sunglasses* …On our side.




School Blahs

Top reason why you shouldn’t be excited when doing math:

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Tinitingnan nila ako

Habang nakapiring ang kanilang mata
Tinitingnan mo ako
Habang ang pangil mo’y nakahanda
Manhid sila sa katotohanan
Nalulunod sila sa kasinungalingan

Tao ka ring maituturing
Alam ko ang pag-asang sa’yo ay aking itinanim
Ang binhi ng himagsik sayo’y tumutubo
Putulin mo ‘yan
‘Yan ang papatay sayo
Traydor ang iyong kakayahan
Kakayahan, kaligayahan, karapatan, katapatan,
Kamatayan. Kalayaan?

Hindi ka nag-iisa
Ngunit hindi ka nila sasamahan
Kalokohan lamang ang aking pagpigil
Alikabok at kaluluwa
Tanggap mo na kung ano ka
Ikakasa mo ang baril, isang araw
Itututok mo sa bibig mo
Ngunit nasa daliri ng iba ang gatilyo
Mamamatay kang nakangiti, naliligo sa dugo

Habang inaangat ka
Ng mga anghel ng kalangitan
Malalaman mong mapalad ka
Mapalad ka pagkat maaga mong nalaman
Na nalalason ang iyong mundong ginalawan
At akala mo’y nahanap mo ang gamot,

Nakangiti kang umaangat
Habang nakangiti silang naka-tango sa iyong bangkay
Umiinom ng alak, kumakanta, nagsasaya
Pagkat sa kanilang mga mata
Ang lason ay ikaw.

Lagging Behind

This is soooo bad. I haven’t posted anything since the 8th. I was too busy with school and I ran out of witty, interesting topic to talk about. My stats are dropping fast; so much for a New Year Resolution.

10 Random things you need to know to catch up:

1. I just had my hair cut (really) short last Sunday.
2. I/we just killed and dissected a pigeon for the name of f*cking science. Oh yeah, a stinky shark too was dissected :-&
3. I’m in the verge of failing Comparative Anatomy Lec and Lab. All, except one, failed the Lecture exam and our professor doesn’t give a damn. But I ain’t gonna give up.
4. We are supposedly the last batch to have Comparative Anatomy Lec and Lab in PT.
5. CRS week was last week. It was F-U-N. Kamera-horing. =))
6. I’m addicted to CS Source and Left 4 Dead 2. Justin BV snipes B-)
7. I’m running out of cash. (Reason: Refer to no. 6)
8. I’m still pissed off with the “bag of douche”
9. I am in dire need of some inspiration to keep on blogging.
10. Justin Bieber’s gay. Talk about some hardcore career suicide. Loser:))

Not surprising.

Define a**hole.

And the “I was poor but I am now a rich bastard and makes money out of you worthless monkeys” award goes to…

Sige! Ikaw na tunay na mahirap!

For his excellent campaign ad that spits in the face of everyone who believes in him.

Poverty is inalienable, you prick!

What scares me is the fact that people actually believes in him and his platform. He is again using the poor people and giving ’em false hopes. I mean, poverty is inalienable! His hourly commercials are enough proof where the kaban ng bayan will be in the near future if you win.


1. Unlike you, I am responsible and sensitive enough to at least make up for the things I did wrong. I know misery do love company but when someone really has nothing to do with it, please do not put the blame on her and just sit down while she clean up your mess.

2. I may not be as intelligent or as hardworking enough as you, but these people are my people; I care for them, unlike you- you, who don’t care about anything but yourself. And for the record, no one wants your position or even competing for them; you’re lonely up there.

There are two kinds of men and only two:
There’s the one staying put in his proper place
And the one with his foot on the other one’s face

3. And third, I know you’re stereotyped as religious because of what you say and you “do.” But I am sorry; your real actions don’t reflect them. I, apparently, am more religious compared to you. Saints give me goosebumps btw.

Jeje People. NOO!


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