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I’m in the brink of an abyss, but I figured out that I must stop with these “melancholic behavior” of mine. I’ll settle this after our break. I have this “divine” urge to post something religious. Words here aren’t well thought of, so spare me. A friend of mine, six grade classmate, had sent me this video thru Facebook. I’m not that religious. I want to be. I found myself few months back asking her “bakit ako magdadasal?” It’s not really meant to be a question; it was meant to be a joke. She keeps on bugging me about it till I got home. I really don’t think she knows what she was doing but till now I still am affected by that day. I want to become a Christian again.

Yes, people won’t read this because this is religious and stuff. But I don’t have stats to worry about. I am not Catholic; but I have been in a Catholic institution for five years now. And I still don’t want to become one. Don’t get me wrong, I have no grudge against them. It’s like me liking apples against pears. I am a Christian, born-again. I believe that no matter what on earth your religion is you’ll still be the same. I mean, com’on who are we to say that one religion is better than the other.

I remembered last week, it was finals week. I stayed up ‘til 3 in the morning every night(?). And every day of that week, before I go to my examination room I would always stop by the hospital chapel. I usually say brief prayers (I don’t pray the “common” prayers, I do personal) and of course ask for guidance in my exam. First day was theology and math. Math was easy for me since day 1. I failed my first quiz and then that was it. The most mistakes I got were 3.5 I think. But on that day, on that exam day, Theology was oh-so-easy and I failed Math. Then on the last review night, I was too stubborn to study and just chatted with friends. I tried to review on my way to school and got stuck in traffic for an hour. And then I went to the chapel, and ask God that “I know I didn’t study that well, but could you guide me?” I found the exam bearable, I wish the results were good. Tomorrow the results will be released we’ll see.

You see, I am not an atheist or anything. I do believe in God; I even came from a very religious family- we even have pastors and priest. But I do doubt sometimes. I mean, I have this idea that “what if there was no heaven or hell?” that “there’s a life (on earth) after death” I usually find my self falling into temptation and become guilty right after doing it. What’s worse is sometimes, I do not even feel guilty. It’s human I guess. But shouldn’t be an excuse.

She has a wooden cross around her neck. I want one in my heart.

Whoever read this blog, would be my witness.
I, from now on, am going to profess my faith.


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Unexpected Visitors

Last friday, we went to Bulacan to have a late celebration for my godchild, Gail. (And to take some pictures for my subject requirement.) Anyway, here is her picture while eating lunch at our backyard. I took a lot of pictures, most of them were blurred, but a lot still turn out to be great. We left our place at nine, and reached Bulacan 2 hours after, it was very very tiring. Oh yeah, no one knew that we would be coming to visit so most of them were shocked. We had little “kamustahan” before having our lunch.


Haven’t been there for quite a while, and tell you nothing big has changed. Well of course, a little improvement here and another one there but a MAJOR improvement was out of sight. Karaoke! I enjoyed the karaoke; I shattered everyone’s eardrums with my angelic voice. Haha. Kidding aside, I did sang my heart out that I forgot to take some shots, so I ate very little during lunch time and kept myslef busy with my 6 megapixel camera.

Here are some of the shot I took while they were eating.

This is Faye, my cousin, she got this eardrum-cracking voice; don’t get me wrong, her voice is really good. Well, the only problem is her inability to tone it down. A conversation with her is loud enough for the entire town to hear.


Again, this one’s Gail, kissing her younger sister. I’m really sorry I don’t know her name, but I am sure she’s a she. I was to busy with Gail to ask her younger sister’s name. I’m bad, sorry. I forgot to tell you that I am Gail’s favorite godfather. Oh yes, ME 🙂

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