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Before I say anything, it would probably be best if I made it clear that I support ABS-CBN over GMA. Given that those are the only two options, of course. On the few times I get to catch the new fad of PBB fanatics, PBB Teen Clash… or something, I sense nothing but overwhelming bitchiness. I saw the past PBBs and they were different from this one. The idea of the previous ones was you lock a good number of people in a house and hope it sells. But now the recipe was different.

1. Threw twice the number of normal housemates.
2. Draw a line between the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie. The same line people are trying to erase for the longest time. Spitting on people’s face is optional.
3. Draw the same line again.
4. And again. And again.
5. Add some barbed wire.
6. Pour 32592.3121 gallons of gasoline.
7. Lit.
8. Watch in awe.
9. Destroy the remaining value today’s youth have.

This edition of PBB worsens the already dilapidated value of the Filipino teen that the grown-ups are ranting about. Ironically, these grown-ups who complain most about the douchebaggery of the youth of today are the same people who place the youth’s value at the brink. PBB now is pure business, no different from a cockfight. ABS-CBN should think twice with the project they’re approving. Highlighting the already highlighted demarcation line between the classes is probably the worst thing media can do intentionally to teenagers or to anyone. But to fucking teenagers?!

There’s a lot more to say but com’on… does it look like they even care?


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Here are a couple of letters I sent last week:

Dear Sun,

We all know you’re hot. Please stop being a bitch about it.

Burned to crisp,

Dear High school friends,

I know we have an annual swimming and everything during summer and we rarely see each other. But 5 am is too much for me. 350 is too much as well.

Wanting to sleep,

Dear Daimos,

Thank you for passing me. It would be amazing if you passed my other friends as well. It would be even mooore amazing if you become wee-bit more considerate. But then again, you passed me.

Now confused,

Dear Garcia,

I was serious about the Smith and Wesson. But I can settle with an air soft, all right.

Hoping you took it seriously,

Dear Innxh,

Thank you for this idea. It’s just as awesome as you are. May is nearing, get your ass over here.

Patiently waiting,

Dear Csdae,

Can we cut the crap and face reality? I miss you. Sorry, I’m too lazy.


Dear Masculinity,

These “guys” need you badly. Their testosterone just hit rock bottom.

Badly disturbed,

P.S. Bieber needs you as well.

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