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What’s it to you?

And Jesus said unto them, “And whom do you say that I am?”

They replied, “You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the ontological foundation of the context of our very selfhood revealed.”

And Jesus replied, “What?”

I have this thing with religion. I am… a religious person but not in your religious kind of way. I mean how many of you do not believe that Mary (the Virgin) is the Mother of God; if you’re an atheist you would probably said ‘me’; but if you’re not, the chances you not believing is very low. I on the other hand believe that she’s pretty much like us only uhm, more obedient. She is the biological mother, yes; but to be called Mother of God, I have to disagree- she’s nowhere higher than God. Now before you call me blasphemous, I ain’t catholic so you can chill.

I ,too, do not venerate Saints, give respect I do. Venerate, no. I believe that veneration is diverting one’s faith from the Trinitarian God, to the carved firewood painted with white and blue and stuffed with eyes that follow you around your house. I am sorry, this is my opinion. I ain’t trying to preach, just… randomly wants to share this. You see, if you have ever studied theology you’ll learn that most, if not all, shouldn’t be taken literally. I mean from the slightest loophole that you’ll find, the Vatican has reasons and interpretation for it. So don’t bother looking for loopholes. I am not an atheist. It’s my own personal religion. It’s like praying a personal prayer rather than praying the Lord’s Prayer which is the perfect way to pray. It probably ain’t perfect to you, but it is to me.

Just to prove that this ain’t preaching, there are no tags.


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Masen: Asan na ba kayo (sa geom)? hahahaha
Angel: Uh.. shit. Nakalimutan ko na. grabeee!
Angel: san na nga ba kami?!! T_T
Masen: And that people is how you fail geometry.
Angel: F you!

Well this was my blog last year, ranting how pissed I am with school during the vacation…

you had a very long (christmas) vacation, don’t tell me na hindi kayo prepared”

nakakainis lang ‘di ba. di ba nila alam what the hell vacation is. badtreep. ang simple simple. namamahinga ang estudyante. tapos e-expect nilang gumagawa ng schoolworks during these days. ang point ko e, sila ba hindi namamahinga, puro ‘yon nalang ba iniintindi nila. tae. bakit namin mamadaliin ang sarili namen e 2 weeks lang ang vacation namin at ilang buwan kami nag-aaral. aarg.

sabihin na nating hindi maaalis ‘yan. pero the hell, konting consideration. ‘yong simpleng…

“alam ko nag-aadjust pa kayo…”

pwede na eh. konting intindi lang. konti lang.

This year’s…

Just a random post. Hope YOU professors are having the same holidays as ours. Damn it! 😐
Umulan sana ng pink na tubig sa mga lakad n’yo!

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