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Forgive me for I became stagnant for the past few weeks. Had issues with my schedule and started going to the gym, so it pretty much ate most of my time. Lately I figured out that the “girl” I usually speak of in my previous entries didn’t make my heart beat, it was nothing but a hallucination so realistic that my body believes it. Or something really close to that. So I made the top ten things why I do not need a girlfriend/special someone.



10. I am busy- tight schedule, gym, school works and (the guts to have) a plan to join the choir.

9. My wallet is on a diet.

8. I have a good number of female friends that she may (and will) be jealous of.

7. I am lazy.

6. I have issues with trust. I doubt every second I am with her.

5. I do not need another mother who watches over me.

4. I have enough inspiration- don’t want more than what I can handle.

3. I don’t want any more heartbreak.

2. I am happy; I don’t see any need for it- I am perfectly alone.

1. I am psychic. I can see the end before we even begin.


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Transformers 2: Revenve of the Fallenrevenge

Transformers’ sequel Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen shown last June 24 and was released in DVD just last 20th of October. The film was a grueling 2 hours, 29 minutes and 48 seconds long. 2 hours explosions, 29 minutes of Megan Fox’s behind and 48 seconds for the plot. There’s actually no difference between watching the film and listening to a jackhammer for 2-and-a-half freaking hours! No parody can be as shitty as this. Maybe some ass-kicking Decepticon took the place of Michael Bay.

Rating: *


Coraline (2009)draft_lens2333266module44485892photo_1250757561coraline-poster-large

The 2009 stop-motion 3D fantasy sends chills to my spine while watching it. I mean seriously, don’t you get creeped out when some alien-looking-with-buttons-as-eyes female trying to stitch goddamned buttons on your eyes. Freaky! But like most ‘creepy’ films, it only works once. It’s beautiful, it’s scary, it’s awkwardly strange- much like your wife.

Rating: ****

Assassination of a High School Presidentassa

You know the boring nature channels? Multiply the boredom by 5 and you get this, Assassination of a High School President. It’s too boring for a movie with “assassination” and “president” in the title. Well, you might like it if you’re a hardcore investigation fan. Funke (Thompson) is a school paper writer who has no class other than Spanish with his creepy professor and tries to solve “the mystery of the missing SAT” that no one really cares about. [SPOILER!] It’s boring and should be titled “Assassination of the President’s Slutty-Yet-Oh-So-Hot Girlfriend.”

Rating: **


Alan Moore’s (and perhaps the worlds) most successful graphic novel comes to life. The film sticks to the original awesome plot, which most of (us) comic geeks would love; some screen shots are even the exact copies from the graphic novel. Soundtrack was great; effects were superb; acting was good; the costume (except for ozymandias’ nipples) is absolutely great. The film was bloody, sexy, dark, and strangely has a great cobalt blue dong.

Rating: *****

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“When you can’t dunk anymore, you have to find a way to make it into the news.” – Manu Ginobili

San Antonio Spurs’ player, Manu Ginobili, hates Halloween. The game between Kings and Spurs was interrupted when the referee screamed “BAT!” Apparently, there was a loose bat in the court. Both the referee and the mascot (in a Batman costume) tried to catch the freaking bat and failed. The Argentine NBA player quickly smacks the bat in mid-flight with his f**king left hand; the bat slams hard in to the floor. And SCORE!

GINOBILI-1            BAT-0

The bat was obviously dead upon hitting the ground, and an interview with Ginobili afterwards revealed that he thought it might be Edward Cullen so he killed it instantly.* Here’s the video:

*I obviously just made that up. I’m new here so I’m basically afraid of getting jailed. HAHAHA. Funny. Seriously 😐

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